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  • Practical ways have been suggested to achieve corruption-free good governance in the country.
  • Viability of extending Comprehensive Social Security for meeting out the most basic requirements of food, cloth, security, education, health care, etc., for all, has been demonstrated.
  • Strategy for beefing up internal security network and improving governance in the country has been revealed, which can also create 11 million additional jobs.
  • Methodology has been proposed for the delivery of meaningful and quality education to all.
  • A fail-safe approach has been envisioned for reforming higher education in the country.
  • An innovative approach for solving reservation-related problems of India has been presented.
  • Sources have been identified for mobilization of resources for providing comprehensive Social Security Package for all, without jeopardizing national economy.
  • Existing problems in other areas, like, Universal Health Care, Housing for All, National Rural Employment Guaranty Scheme, Agriculture, etc., have also been examined and solutions suggested for the same.

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  Copyright, Foreword, Preface, Contents of Book
  Comprehensive Social Security For All
Good Governance
Livelihood Support to All
Basic Security to All
Universalize Elementary Education
Universalize Basic Healthcare
Housing Needs
Total Requirement of Funds
Mobilization of Resources
  Some Other Needed Reforms
N. R. E. G. Scheme and Its Pitfall
Land Reforms and Agriculture
Reforms for Higher Education
Solution for Reservation-Related Problems
  Summary and Conclusion
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